Ceremony and All Night Celebration



Tirza Hollenhorst:  CEO of Be Embodied, Director for Dance to Freedom

Tirza has been directing transformational experiences for 6 years.    A powerful and inspiring presence, Tirza has gone through her own transformation from a quiet collaborator to a fearless leader.  She is a mirror and a translator, dedicated the liberation of the creative, divine spirit within each of us.

Evonne Heyning:  CCO of Be Embodied, Producer for Dance to Freedom

Creative producer, artist and designer for Be Embodied community celebrations, working with an amazing team of leaders and bringing together their ideas for brilliant experiences. I love streaming video and sharing stories, singing and dancing, bodypainting, making amazing foods, researching love and connectedness, mystic paths that make hidden information available to the discerning. I love the integration points of wisdom and technology, art and science, embodied movement and deep connectedness to others, to the land and to the whole.

Jennifer Keller: Director of Adornment for Be Embodied and Ceremony/Educational Workshop Leader for Dance to Freedom, Yoga and Movement Teacher with Heartfelt Movement.



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