Ceremony and All Night Celebration


We are excited to dance with you.  Please read this guide to participation to expand your experience.

The Hummingbird Nest Ranch is a gorgeous and well appointed space.  Please help us to return it more beautiful that we found it. We want this event to be  accessible to all bodies.  If you have mobility concerns please contact us.

Location 2940 Kuehner Drive Simi Valley.  There is plenty of parking.


  • Ritual circle is a closed event.  Please come intending to stay until circle closes.
  • All participants are asked to wear their own reflected self in the colors of the evening: purple, silver, turquoise, and magenta. When we where the same colors it is easier to see ourselves reflected in the beauty of the community.
  • Please store your drinks and belongings before coming to ceremony.  Musical instruments and power objects are always welcome.  This will be an active, full body experience and you will have more fun if your hands are free.  There will be water available at circle.
  • During the hours of ceremony from 6-9PM the maker mall and Be Embodied adornment gallery will be closed as we gather together to sing and celebrate.
  • Ritual will draw on many spiritual traditions and emerging practices, if something doesn’t align with your worldview, relax, step back if you need to, we will be moving on shortly and please do come talk to the organizers afterwords.

Volunteering and Vending

The Be Embodied adornment gallery will include vending areas, sampling, beautiful sacred garb, maker community space and live music in one extraordinary journey. Opportunities for vending, sampling and sponsorship will be open for a very limited time, spaces will be confirmed the first week of December.

  • Vending is inside.  Stalls are approximately 8′ x 10′.  They are $80 or $60 depending on location.
  • Vending hours are 4-6pm and 9pm on.
  • If you want to volunteer, vend or share your art please contact us on the form below or email evonne@beembodied.com this week.

Tell your friends to save December 22nd and feel free to share #DancetoFreedom on your favorite social network with the @BeEmbodied link and tag. We’re excited to share this solstice with you as we craft a net much more brilliant than any of us have ever pictured ourselves to be. Together we can do so much more and this is a time of great quickening where our pieces will come together quickly. Come be a part of this extraordinary circle as we create space for transformation from the inside out.

Invite a friend, your family, a loved one. Celebrate your transformation with the most brilliant people you have ever met. Tell us today how you want to participate.


Those wanting to camp will need a camping pass.  There is some indoor camping. Please pack out your trash and recycling.  We can’t wait to have breakfast with you Friday morning.  There are a very limited number of rooms available.


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