Ceremony and All Night Celebration


Thank you for your interest in helping to make Dance to Freedom a beautiful night for all. These are the items and people we are seeking to manifest.  One piece of wood, one pillow, one jug of water is an amazing contribution.

Items and Objects

  • Six 5 gallon jugs of water
  • A dome for dancing
  • A truckload of firewood
  • An earth harp and the team to play it
  • A tesla coil
  • 2-4 pairs of elbow length kid leather gloves in magenta, purple, turquoise, silver, black or flesh tone
  • VJs with equipment and inspiration
  • 20 hangers and 20 skirt hangers
  • Compostable water cups
  • Small paper muffin cups for bliss balls
  • 4 silver trays
  • 3 chip and dip bowls or other bowl within a bowl arrangement
  • Breakfast for the crew
  • Frozen bananas, berries, and ice for smoothies
  • A really awesome blender
  • Heaps of pillows to make a comfy indoor space


  • A strapping volunteer to help load the truck Wednesday
  • A team to put it up and take it down a dome
  • A water fairy to manage the water
  • Parking Volunteers
  • Ritual assistants
  • 4 volunteers to hold the sacred task of gatekeeper
  • A leave no trace volunteer with bins

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