Ceremony and All Night Celebration


Directions and Parking

Dance to Freedom is hosted at the beautiful Hummingbird Nest Ranch close to Rt. 118 at 2940 Kuehner Drive Simi Valley, CA 93963. See Map http://g.co/maps/22nuc

Parking is available on site after you pass the gate. Your name will need to be at the door upon arrival. Please purchase your tickets.  If you are a performer or vendor, your name still needs to be on the list, please.


Ritual and Celebration

This is an outdoor event. There will be an indoor live music space in the gallery. There is a hot tub.

Ritual is time for community care, respect and reverence and we ask that you attend as your more excellent archetypes and manifestations. Sacred garb, ceremonial wear, instruments and power objects are encouraged but please leave other personal belongings behind.


Ceremonial ritual is a closed circle event.  Guests are encouraged to arrive between 5 and 6pm.  No one will be admitted into the ritual area between 6:30 and 9pm.  Those attending only the celebration are encouraged to arrive just before celebration gates open at 9PM.  Monkey chant will begin just after ceremony and all are welcome and invited.


Outdoor camping is available.  There are also a limited number of spaces inside the Gallery.  Rooms and houses are available.  Cost of a room is about $130 a night. If you would like an indoor space or to purchase a room, please contact us below.


Please plan to stay until the close of the ceremony.  If you are camping with us, please plan to leave by noon on Saturday the 23rd.  Please pack out your recycling and trash and leave no trace.


The public celebration time will start after ritual and doors open at 10PM for celebration guests, artists and their guests. We will dance all night with a mix of DJ & live music and encourage you to bring your instruments and other merrymaking materials.

If you would like to contribute art please contact Evonne, vendors for the Be Embodied collection contact Tirza Javid. Volunteers please fill out this form and we will be in touch – a limited number of volunteer positions will be available for the celebration night.



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