Ceremony and All Night Celebration



Hummingbird Nest  facilities are amazing and ready to accomadate from hiking to pools, fire areas, garden groves and areas for music, art and movement. Every action is carefully chosen to encouraged strong, embodied and resilient family practices throughout our everyday lives.

We aim to create a safe space for rapid transformation and personal growth as a family unit. We will have workshops on processes for creating ritual in daily life, healthy living, body care and exercise, expression and artistic freedom and the dance we share as we find ourselves growing together – and sometimes apart.

What You Will Learn

On the 23rd we will depart the Hummingbird Nest, but we will take with us a new community. The mutual support of peers facing the challenge of growing strong, spiritual, creative families in a rapidly changing world will carry forward.

  • different daily rituals to develop presence, gratitude, listening and care.  Over time some of these will become your own.
  •  how to focus their creative attention, communicate their intention, and support their peers with an open heart.
  • new ways to move our bodies, calm their minds, and share their joy.
All of us will experience the great joy of new found freedom in our bodies, our voice, and our love.
We will have a schedule up soon.  Expect to see workshops starting at 4pm on Thursday 22nd and continuing on till 11am on the 23rd.


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