Ceremony and All Night Celebration

Lights and jewels on fire

In my visions for the solstice I see many lights dancing as gems on the field, 

woven together in a dance created in that moment, emerging between us as we learn our patterns together.

The jewels of Indra’s Net, we become real as we tie ourselves together in physical space. We look around the circle into each other’s eyes and recognize the brilliance of our collaborators. These are our people, the pieces we have been missing, the wonder and genius all around us.

Creating solstice for me is a joyful act of many emails, texts, posts and conversations. It is a process for me of listening to my extended family and hearing the needs expressed from participants of all ages. You are the sparkle in these gems, you are the lights in the field and I want to honor each of you for coming to this space to honor our growing community.

Thanks for all you do to create a new world now with us, December 22nd is coming soon so get your pass and let us know you’re coming so we save room for you.

Love and lights dancing, Evonne @amoration



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  1. Stephanie Rudat


    December 6, 2011 at 1:37 pm

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