Ceremony and All Night Celebration

December 22nd: Makers, Volunteers, Performers open call

We are enjoying the process of meeting many new musicians, volunteers, makers, vendors, businesses and partners in this endeavor as we curate a beautiful experience at Hummingbird Nest Ranch.

If you want to volunteer or participate in any way by sharing your art, performance elements, vending ideas or other creative juice please contact us on the form below or email evonne@beembodied.com this week. We are excited to interview many new people in this process as we bring together tones and collections for 2012, spotlighting the best artists in our community.

The Be Embodied adornment gallery will include vending areas, sampling, beautiful sacred garb, maker community space and live music in one extraordinary journey. Opportunities for vending, sampling and sponsorship will be open for a very limited time, spaces will be confirmed the first week of December.

Tell your friends to save December 22nd and feel free to share #DancetoFreedom on your favorite social network with the @BeEmbodied link and tag. We’re excited to share this solstice with you as we craft a net much more brilliant than any of us have ever pictured ourselves to be. Together we can do so much more and this is a time of great quickening where our pieces will come together quickly. Come be a part of this extraordinary circle as we create space for transformation from the inside out.


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